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How do you define yourself?

I saw a commercial yesterday that said we are defined by the choices we make. Partially true, in my opinion. We are defined by a lot of things. Our #character, #beliefs, #identity, and #mindset are what really define us, but they come through and are seen by the work through our actions.

My problem with the sentiment of that commercial is the focus on our actions or behaviors. Too many times, people who want to make changes in their life, start with their actions/behaviors. #Change starts in our minds. Real and lasting change. Research supports the idea that if you want to make lasting changes in your life, it starts with your subconscious belief patterns and terms you use to label yourself.

Two books that support this and reference the research are Atomic Habits and Psycho-cybernetics.

#mentalfitness #positiveintelligence #thechoiceisyours #realchange #lastingchange #whatyoubelievematters #labels

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