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Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is a national holiday when we honor those that served this country in the armed services. Many places are closed including banks, post offices, and schools. Many businesses offer special benefits for veterans on this day. I happened to be flying one year on Veteran's Day and was allowed to board first.

What I noticed after entering the corporate world is that consideration does not apply to employees who are veterans. Many veterans do not get the day off. So while my kids got the day off from school, I was working. Now I could take the day off, but I would have been required to use my personal time off. I have an issue with that. I think companies should reward their employees who served and were willing to lay down their life for this country with Veteran's Day off without them having to use their earned time. I've raised this issue and made the suggestion and it has been met with the "fairness" objection. Meaning it's not fair to the other employees who do have their own holiday. My response is I don't think it's "fair" that veterans should have to work on a federal holiday set aside for them.

I think veterans should have a paid holiday on Veteran's Day.

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