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“Karen is very knowledge and patient. She is understading when I made a slip and encouraged me to keep going and not give up. Also because I am a disabled she helped me discover what exercises I could still do and that make a huge difference. I know when I have a start to a bad day, I can reach out to her for support and encouragement. I'm very pleased that she is my coach and will remain my coach for life. I am at the lowest weight in 18 years and still going down."

Patty, CA

Karen is a very perceptive, intuitive Coach and Mentor. She has the ability to assess and drill into the root of the issues and struggles I was dealing with quickly. She literally could see right through me. She is attentive and an excellent listener, and through our conversations she was able to skillfully define my constant self sabotage and negative self images I had of myself. I was a struggling perfectionist that usually found fault in most of what I did. I now try to define myself as a recovering perfectionist. And I am still working on this every day. Her easy going presence is very disarming and she got me to express my inner most thoughts and feelings, many of which I was actually unaware of. And I will say I was surprised at how fast she was able to get me to realize many issues. I would recommend Karen to anyone who has struggled with self change and improvement. She will find your inner most demons.

Bruce, CA

“When I started working with Karen, I struggled with the negativity of my thoughts.  During that time, I focused on my relationship with food and have noticed how that has bled over into other areas of my life. I know have a more holistic approach to food, an awareness of my inner dialogue, and am learning how to develop a strategy from positive perspective. "

Jas, Canada

“I can’t recommend Karen enough to my friends and family! Her coaching has completely transformed my life for the better. When I started with Karen I was in a dead end job that I hated. My coaching sessions helped get rid of my self sabotage and create a whole new mindset. I now run my own successful business and am so great full for everything Karen helped me realize I could accomplish."

Macki, CA

“Karen has helped me become aware of my eating habits, identify where my stumbling blocks and temptations are and helped me find my motivation. She has showed me that it is ok to have self compassion and to see myself in a positive light. Karen is kind, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable and is always there when you need her."

Laura, CA

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